10th Wave Part II: New Textiles and Fiber Wall Art

Catalog #18

all color, 64 photos
9.5" x 6.5", 64 pages, 1997 
ISBN 1-930230-18-4

This "best of" volume was one of two published to commemorate browngrotta arts' 10th year of promoting fiber art. It features work and comments from more than two dozen artists. It also includes photos of works in a wide variety of materials, methods, shapes and sizes along with lush close ups.


Rebecca Bluestone
Sara Brennan

Pat Campbell
Dominic Di Mare
John Garrett
Mary Giles
Helena Hernmarck
Sheila Hicks
Glen Kaufman
Masakazu Kobayashi
Naomi Kobayashi
Nancy Koenigsberg
Gyöngy Laky
Rebecca Medel
Gyöngy Laky
Kari Lønning

Rebecca Medel
Laura Foster Nicholson
Ed Rossbach
Scott Rothstein

Mariette Rousseau-Vermette
Toshio Sekiji
Hisako Sekijima
Hiroyuki Shindo
Karyl Sisson
Chiyoko Tanaka
Jun Tomita
Katherine Westphal


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Catalog #18

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