Japan Under The Influence: Innovative basketmakers deconstruct Japanese tradition

Catalog #30

all color, 53 photos
9.5" x 6.5", 48 pages, 2001
ISBN 1-930230-30-3 

The work of the eight basketmakers in this volume reflects their experience in two cultures. In an insightful essay, Hisako Sekijima describes the manner in which the artists living in the US make deliberate reference to the traditions of Japan in their contemporary work, while those in Japan have skirted the traditional in their pursuit of something new.


Nancy Moore Bess
Norie Hatekeyama
Kazue Honma
Hisako Sekijima
Kay Sekimachi
Noriko Takamiya
Tsuruko Tanikawa
Jiro Yonezawa
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Catalog #30

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