Ethel Stein: Weaver

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Introduction by 
Jack Lenor Larsen
Essay by 
Lucy A. Commoner
Glossary by Milton Sonday
48 pages, 2OO8
ISBN 1-93O23O-37-O

"A review of Ethel Stein's woven art works reveals her mastery of historical weaving and dyeing techniques. Stein’s textiles inform us about the very structure and process of producing a woven textile. Like the work of a small group of 20th century textile artists, Stein’s oeuvre is unusual in its use of complex historical techniques through which she achieves an extraordinary freedom of expression....

"Ethel Stein’s work is distinguished by its rhythmic simplicity belied by its extraordinary technical complexity. The basic humility and humanity of the work and its relationship to historical techniques combine to give Stein’s work a meaning far beyond its physical presence. To understand her weaving, is to understand good design, in which the whole is created through the interconnection of many elements."

"Ethel Stein: A Life Interlaced With Art," by Lucy A. Commoner, Senior Textile Conservator, Cooper-Hewitt, 
National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Ethel Stein: Weaver, browngrotta arts, Wilton, CT (November 2008), 
pp. 31- 32.

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Catalog #3M

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