Blue/Green: color/code/context

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Blue/Green: Color Code Context

148 pages.

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Essay: Leatrice Eiseman

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Adela Akers (United States) • Micheline Beauchemin (Canada) • Jane Balsgaard (Denmark) • Caroline Bartlett (United Kingdom) • Polly Barton (United States) •  Marian Bijlenga (The Netherlands) • Pat Campbell (United States) • Włodzimierz Cygan (Poland) • Carole Frève (Canada) • Ane Henriksen (Denmark) • Helena Hernmarck (Sweden/United States) • Kiyomi Iwata (Japan) • Ferne Jacobs (United States) • Tim Johnson (United Kingdom) • Kristín Jónsdóttir (Iceland) • Christine Joy (United States) • Tamiko Kawata (Japan/United States) • Marianne Kemp (The Netherlands) • Lewis Knauss (United States) • Nancy Koenigsberg (United States) • Yasuhisa Kohyama (Japan) •  Kyoko Kumai (Japan) • Lawrence LaBianca (United States) • Gyöngy Laky (United States) • Jennifer Falck Linssen (United States) • Åse Ljones (Norway) • Federica Luzzi (Italy) • Dawn MacNutt (Canada) • Rachel Max(United Kingdom) • John McQueen (United States) • Rebecca Medel (United States) • Mary Merkel-Hess (United States) • Norma Minkowitz (United States) • Laura Foster Nicholson (United States) • Keiji Nio (Japan) • Gudrun Pagter (Denmark) • Eduardo Portillo & Mariá Eugenia Dávila (Venezuela) • Michael Radyk (United States) • Debra Sachs (United States) • Heidrun Schimmel(Germany) • Naoko Serino (Japan) • Sylvia Seventy (United States) • Hiroyuki Shindo (Japan) • Karyl Sisson (United States) • Ethel Stein (United States) • Polly Adams Sutton (United States) • Noriko Takamiya (Japan) • Hideho Tanaka (Japan) • Chiyoko Tanaka(Japan) • Lenore Tawney (United States) • Deborah Valoma (United States) • Ulla-Maija Vikman (Finland) • Wendy Wahl (United States) • Gizella K Warburton (United Kingdom) • Katherine Westphal (United States • Grethe Wittrock (Denmark) • Chang Yeonsoon (Korea) • Jiro Yonezawa (Japan) • Shin-Young-ok (Korea) • Carolina Yrarrázaval (Chile)

Analogous Artistry: Blue/Blue Green/Green explores cultural and historical connotations for the colors blue and green. The essay was authored by Leatrice Eiseman, a color specialist whose expertise is recognized worldwide. Eiseman heads the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training and is also executive director of the Pantone® Color Institute. She is the author of 10 books on color, including Color: Messages and Meanings a Pantone® Color Resource and most recently, The Complete Color Harmony, Pantone® Edition.


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