10th Wave Part I: New Baskets and Freestanding Sculpture

Catalog #17

all color, 64 photos
9.5" x 6.5", 64 pages, 1997
ISBN 1-930230-17-6

This "best of" volume was one of two published to commemorate browngrotta arts' 10th year of promoting fiber art. It features work and comments from more than two dozen artists. It also includes photos of works in a wide variety of materials,methods, shapes and sizes along with lush close ups.



Dorothy Gill Barnes
Dail Behennah

Nancy Moore Bess
Jan Buckman
Pat Campbell
Chunghi Choo

John Garrett  
Mary Giles
Maggie Henton
Marion Hildebrandt
Christine Joy
Linda Kelly
Nancy Koenigsberg
Markku Kosone
Gyöngy Laky
Kari Lønning
Rebecca Medel

Mary Merkel-Hess
Judy Mulford
Leon Niehues
Ed Rossbach
Jane Sauer
Hisako Sekijima
Kay Sekimachi
Karyl Sisson
Deborah Valoma
Katherine Westphal
Jiro Yonezawa
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Catalog #17

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