Volume & Void: Contemporary Basketry

Book #26

by Mary Beth Smalley
Takashimaya Co. Ltd
8.125" x 8.125", b&w 36 pages, 1995

What happens when the traditional motivation and craftsmanship of the basket exist, but the concept of the basket has been reformulated to assume a metaphorical stance? The answer offered in the Volume & Void: Contemporary Basketry, an exhibition at Gallery Takashimiya, New York, New York: Forms result, forms that are not dictated by functionalism but are derived from an intuitive alliance between the materials and the basketmaker’s skill at shaping them – forms that consciously play with volume and void.

Susan Bohm
Norie Hatakeyama
Marion Hildebrandt
Kazue Honma

Kiyomi Iwata
Christine Joy
Linda Kelly
Nancy Koenigsberg

Hisako Sekijima

Noriko Takamiya
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Book #26

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