Scrape the Willow Until It Sings: The Words and Work of Basket Maker Julia Parker

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288 pages
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“There are not many books that can change the way you see the world, but this is one of them. To understand basket making, as this book invites us to do, is to transform one’s concepts of art and craft, indeed of culture itself. The lessons of Julia Parker’s life and the wisdom of Deborah Valoma’s words reveal the essence of a profoundly nurturing practice rooted in inclusivity, engagement, embodiment, sensation, and acceptance of the ephemeralness of things. It is an eye-opening, mind-expanding, and heart-touching book.”

—Lawrence Rinder, Director, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Winner of the Commonwealth Club's California Book Award, Gold Metal for Contributions to Publishing



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Book #50

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Elizabeth Hull Sep 27th 2019

Scrape the Willow Until it Sings

This is an excellent book researching basket weaver Julia Parker . I especially enjoyed the ethnographic portions which gave a look into the life of Native Americans at a time they were trying to hang on to their culture. Many good pictures of baskets.

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