Artextiles 2: the second major survey of British artists working with textiles

Book #15

Bury St Edmunds Gallery
11.75" x 8.25", 47 pages, 2000

The second Arttextiles exhibition at Bury St. Edmunds, UK revealed significant shifts and an exciting expansion of the language of textiles since the first exhibit four years before.

“This exhibition assembles challenging and persuasive evidence that the field, which for now we name ‘art textiles,’ is a potent site within the visual arts at the start of the 21st century...Work here is diverse, stimulating, thoughtful, witty, provocative: it steps out from, rather than operates within, textile traditions. These artists approach tradition and process as a starting point, rather than a place in which to settle down.”

Pamela Johnson
Jeanette Appleton
Jane Baker
Caroline Bartlett
Caroline Broadhead
Penny Burnfield
Suki Chan
Joanna Chapman
Rowena Dring
Sally Freshwater
Lisa Gallacher
Shelly Goldsmith
William Jefferies
Paddy Killer
Shizuko Kimura
Sue Lawty
Lesley Mitchison
Sally Morfill
Nicola Morriss
Clio Padovani
Marilyn Rathbone
Leo Smith
Lisa-Claire Southgate
Andrew Tims
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Book #15

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