Art Textiles of the World: The Netherlands

Book #25

Telos Art Publishing
11.25" x 9.75", 96 pages, 2001

In their struggle with the character of fibers, threads and non-wovens, and because of their highly personal choices and techniques, [the artists in this book] prove themselves to be the inheritors of a critical search for mutual reactions involving the surrounding architecture in this, just like Mondrian.

Ietse Meij
Curator of Costume and Fashion
Municipal Museum, The Hague

Marian Bijlenga
Nel Linssen
Marian Smit
Wilma Kuil
Karola Pezarro 
Marijke Arp
Sonja Besselink
Maryan Geluk
Hil Driessen
Ella Koopman
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Book #25

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