Art Textiles of the World: Scandinavia

Book #23

Telos Art Publishing
11.25" x 9.75", 128 pages, 2004

Twelve artists from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden open the doors of their studios. The volume includes illuminating artist statements, up-to-the-minute biographical information and an introduction entitled A Gentle Geometry. 

Anna Lindal
Hildur Bjarnadottir
Inger-Johanne Brautaset
Gunvor Nervold Antonsen
Wagle & Lovaas
Marianne Mannsaaker
Ane Henriksen
Astrid Krogh
Annika Ekdahl
Aino Kajaniemi
Pila Saksela
Ulla-Maija Vikman
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Book #23

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