Art Textiles of the World: Japan Volume Two

Book #24

Telos Art Publishing
11.25" x 9.75", 96 pages, 2004

"Light and shadow. Transparency and density.  Space itself as a vital force.  Utter spareness. Repetition. Materials drawn from both nature and industry. An intellectual search manifested visually in the arts. Rigorous craftsmanship based in both Japanese cultural history and present-day experimentation. An abiding tie to nature. These are the threads that run through the contemporary Japanese fiber movement.  Through the hands of these artists, new art forms are emerging, rooted in a culture that spent centuries refining its sense of beauty."

Laurel Reuter
Director of the North Dakota Museum of Art

Chika Ohgi
Jun Mitsuhashi
Shihoko Fukumoto
Tsuguo Yanai
Koji Takaki

Suzumi Noda
Hisako Sekijima
Testuo Fujimoto
Hiroko Ohte
Takehiko Sanada
Noriko Narahira
Yuka Kawai
Reiko Sudo
Kyoko Kumai
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Book #24

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