Art Textiles of the World: Great Britain Volume 3

Book #30

Telos Art Publishing
11.25" x 9.75", 144 pages, 2006

Studio portraits, biographies and interviews with 13 leading British artists are compiled in this volume. "There are are a number of themes that surface through the[se] profiles.... tension, rhthym, respect for craft technique, text, ground, the essential, the body, the grid. They offer ways into the work from all points of a conceptual compass, whilst also accentuating the 'inseparable qualities of ideas and techniques." Jeremy Theophilus, formerly of the Arts Council.

Caroline BartlettDail Behennah, Pauline Burbidge, Noel Dyrenforth, Jilly Edwards, Susie Freeman, Frances Geesin, Fiona Hutchison, Shizuko Kimura, Norma Starszakowna, Janet Stoyel, Sarah Taylor, Rosalind Wyatt

Norma Starszakowna
Susie Freeman
Shizuko Kimura
Sarah Taylor
Dail Behennah
Caroline Bartlett
Frances GeesinNoel Dyrenforth
Jilly Edwards
Rosalind Wyatt
Janet Stoyel
Fiona Hutchison
Pauline Burbidge
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Book #30

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