Ane Henriksen

Book #09

10.75" x 8.5", 72 pages, 1998

"Ane Henricksen is the applied artist who consistently works with and develops her textile idiom. In her work there is a radical movement away from thetraditional, decoratively colored ornamental textile. It is not only the urge to sit at the loom that drives this craftswoman – but also the will to artistic expression. She has shown that the thread can be a necessary material – it is precisely the textile quality that gives her work its unfathomable quality." 
Claus Bjerring – Gold and Silversmith

"Much of Ane [Henricksen's} output has beenborne up by objects found on the beach – to mark her place, I think: the edge of the sea, the transition between earth and water. In the same way as she takes up the weaving tradition in her tapestries, sniffs at it, analyses it and recreates it: winding sheets, beadwork – there, at the periphery of the tradition, she cuts a large hunk from aesthetics and renews the artistic idiom in textiles." 
Annette Holdensen – Denmark

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Book #09

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